Progress 2003

May 5, 2003


This pre-existing foundation wall has been on the property for years. For a long time, it was used jointly by us and neighbors as a burn pile for tree trimmings. But now the ugly and abandoned site is being reclaimed with enthusiasm and creative joy.

July 2003

floor plans

After numerous adjustments, sticker shock, and readjustments, we finally have a set of plans. Here is just the floor plan. There will be lots of skylights and a loft over the bathroom and wash area which cannot be seen in this view. In all, it’s 865 interior sq ft. , but the roof line will also extend out over the 8 x 23 patio. I’m really quite pleased with it at this stage.

September/October 2003

rock and plumbing


Five months, ten-thousand dollars in fees alone(!), and a dozen other fiascoes that people who build know to expect, we finally have something you can actually SEE at the site: more rock! Actually, there’s quite a bit of plumbing under that rock too. Colored concrete is coming next.

October 15, 2003

Roman Coins Into Foundation

Early, too early, in the planning stages I had imagined having a few special people contribute items to be put into the concrete slab. However, by the time the concrete was on its way I had failed to pull those people/items together. Nevertheless, following a very old tradition, I selected a handful of Ancient Roman coins to scatter into the four corners. Bringing in the blessings of others will have to come at other stages.

Orange Gloves?! I had a very significant dream in 1999 wherein I was extremely grateful for a task performed by some men wearing “freeway-cone-orange gloves.” At that time, I didn’t believe I had ever seen orange gloves.

Four men worked the “mud” into the foundation as the truck driver controlled the flow of the cocoa colored concrete.

Here is the slab as it looked at the end of the long day and after two men spent hours finishing the top. The following day it was “saw-cut.”