Esther Perel Dazzles Us With Her Insight on Modern Relationship – Again

Esther Perel has discussed the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on relationships in many interviews and articles. In this video, Esther discusses ChatGPT versus genuine human contact. She adds her own twist on AI by referring to it as “Artificial Intimacy.” Her approach is multifaceted and nuanced as she considers both the potential benefits and drawbacks of AI in the context of all types of relationships.

When it comes specifically to AI, Perel is cautious. She points out that our various tech-gadgets inhibit our ability to stay present – especially in the presence of others – and there are considerable risks to relying too heavily on AI to make decisions about relationships.

Esther Perel at SXSW 2023
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Decant Your Acrylics

I buy giant jars of acrylic paint from Nova Paints in Los Angeles. Then I decant them into these easy-to-use ketchup bottles. Put them in the middle of the table on a lazy-susan from IKEA, and you’re always ready to paint!
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Art Lowers Stress

It’s nice to have supportive research, but we already knew that the creative process lowers stress. The stress-related hormone cortisol lowers significantly after just 45 minutes of art creation.

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