Visual Journaling Workshops

VISUAL JOURNALING is an exciting frontier for those wanting to access creative energy, image-making ability, process inner inclinations, understand personal decision making processes, and increase the ability to suspend crippling criticism while working with a variety of mixed media techniques. Similar to the painting workshops there is an emphasis on process, however, these workshops result in a product that you can hold in your hands. Working with paint, collage, printing and book construction techniques you will learn the basic skills needed to make more journals. The Visual Journal is a very real and tangible item in which to continue your work at home. Not to be confused with diary-keeping or more ubiquitous writing journals, these Visual Journal workshops emphasize color (lots of color!), texture, shape, line, and image. While many choose (and are encouraged) to write in their journals following the workshops, text is more often used as a visual component, to add interest, and perhaps to evoke wide ranging projective meaning. No previous artistic experience required.

TBD in Orange County, California

Online options coming in 2015!

9:30am to 4:30pm

One-day workshops are $150
Two-day workshops are $200

Paints and other materials provided.
Additional supply list is given upon registration.

For questions and registration, contact Heather